WCTV releases special MLK video

Wareham Community Television has released a video compilation of 150 Wareham residents and visitors reciting Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech. The 13-minute video was the brainchild of WCTV executive director Jay Heard, and took a year to shoot and produce. “I wanted to do a program that involved a lot of people in the town,” said Heard. “So I approached people at Town Hall, people at Town Meetings . . . people I know, and people I didn’t know  . . . It goes from kids in elementary school, to people who probably don’t want me to tell their age, to people well into their 80s.” Almost all of the footage was shot in Wareham; other locations include the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington and the Lincoln Memorial, where King delivered the speech in 1963. Heard said the video is scheduled to be shown at the Martin Luther King breakfast at the Boys & Girls Club on Monday. The video can also be viewed on YouTube at