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    Town Meeting to settle ‘bring your own booze’ debate

    Annual Town Meeting voters this spring will be asked to decide whether local restaurants without liquor licenses should be allowed to offer their customers the option of bringing in their own alcohol — a practice known as BYOB — or whether the practice should be banned. Selectmen discussed the issue at length at several recent meetings, and the majority of the board favored a ban on BYOB. While they had planned to vote it as a policy, the town’s attorney told board members last week it should be done as a bylaw, which requires a vote at Town Meeting. The town’s attorney will now draft two bylaw articles: One would ban BYOB in town, and a second would permit it with accompanying requirements to control it. Voters can choose which to support. The issue arose when the owner of Aunt Aleda’s Bakery and Country Kitchen, who does not have a liquor license, recently asked town officials whether he could allow his customers to bring their own bottles.