New beach parking rules

Sharon residents will be able to share a Lake Massapoag beach parking pass among two cars in a household this summer. The change comes as part of a package of new procedures proposed by Recreation Director Amanda Deni Lavasseur and approved by the Board of Selectmen on Jan. 15. Other changes include a package offering a car pass and two walk-in passes for $70, a savings of $20; a discounted car pass to the beaches when a resident buys a pass for boat-launch parking; and a new $5 fee to replace a lost pass. The price of a car pass remains at $60, or $30 for seniors 60 and over. Seasonal walk-in passes for residents are $15, $8 for seniors. Discounts are available for the handicapped. The changes apply to residents. Nonresidents may buy passes to Community Center Beach at $85 for the season, or day passes for $10 per person, or $20 per car.