Old clothes, shoes and household linens to be recycled

Middleborough has joined a long list of towns offering residents the option to recycle textiles. Pembroke-based Bay State Textiles has partnered with the town, placing a collection trailer at the Brook Street landfill for household “soft-wear,” a category that includes clothing, accessories like belts and pocketbooks, household linens, and even stuffed toys. Items don’t have to be in prime condition, just dry, reasonably clean and packed in plastic bags. Items in good condition will be reused, while those in poor condition may become insulation, carpet padding, wiping cloths, or serve other uses. Middleborough currently takes in about 800,000 pounds of textiles each year and pays nearly $11,000 for disposal. Bay State Textiles has agreed to pay the town $100 per ton of textiles collected, which could bring in as much as $40,000 annually.