Man charged with shooting his dog

Peirce Street resident Gordon Lagstrom was arraigned in Wareham District Court last Monday on an animal-cruelty charge for allegedly shooting his dog while drunk on Jan. 26. According to Middleborough police Lieutenant Robert Ferreira, the 55-year-old brought the injured dog to Chase Veterinary Clinic. “When we got the call from the clinic that they had a dog with a gunshot injury, we went there and found Lagstrom, who was uncooperative and intoxicated,” said Ferreira, who added Lagstrom was taken into custody. “Then we went to the residence and found blood along with two unsecured weapons in the house.” Police took the 38-caliber and 40-caliber handguns they found as evidence. Lagstrom also was charged with carrying a firearm while intoxicated and improper storage of firearms. The dog did not survive, Ferreira said.