MIAA urged to emphasize gymnastics in high school

Thank you for your article in today’s Globe (“MIAA official regrets remark,” Feb. 3).

I’m from an era when high school men’s gymnastics teams were more common than women’s teams. And while I understand changing preferences, I believe that men’s gymnastics is an important sport to preserve.

First, it’s an excellent sport for smaller men — those not heavy or big enough to play football and those not tall enough to excel at basketball. Second, it is a sport that produces few concussions.


Third, it is an individual sport that actually allows each person to compete, rather than to sit on the bench waiting for a turn to play.

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I’m sorry that the folks at MIAA place too little weight on these factors. From a professional perspective, I would like to see them emphasize a sport like gymnastics.

Dr. David Griesemer


Director, Pediatric Neurology

Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center