Officer stops two burglars

A break-in at a Norwood business may have been foiled last Sunday when police Officer Derek Wennerstrand saw two men acting supiciously near Rama Plaza on Washington Street, police said. Wennerstrand called for backup and followed the two men. When the suspects noticed they were being followed, they turned around and started walking toward Wennerstand and Officer Jarrod Kullich. While they were being questioned, police said, a computer background check revealed both men had criminal histories that included charges of breaking and entering. One of the suspects was allegedly carrying a backpack filled with pry bars, gloves, and a hand-drawn map of a nearby building. Stephen Angier, 53, of Everett and John Squires, 43, of Norwood were arrested and charged with possession of burglarious tools, conspiracy to commit a breaking and entering, and tresspassing.