Plans to improve intersection near NQHS

A $3.5 million state and federal grant is intended to make the intersection in front of North Quincy High School safer for both cars and pedestrians. The funding, 80 percent from the federal government and 20 percent from the state, will be supplemented with approximately $35,000 from the city to pay for land takings meant to widen the corridor. “This is a project that is a high priority for the mayor because it is a safety improvement project,” said Frank Tramontozzi, the downtown redevelopment coordinator who is working on the project. The updates will add a right turn lane heading southbound on Hancock Street onto West Squantum Street. East Squantum Street will also have an exclusive left-turn lane. City councilors need to vote on the land taking before construction can begin, and the project also needs to be advertised by the state. Construction is expected within the year.