Clerk’s plea for help may be answered

Town Clerk Jeanmarie Tarara may be getting help at her understaffed office. With a 35-hour-a-week employee out indefinitely, Tarara told the Finance Committee on Monday, she has been working through lunch and dinner and bringing in volunteers — even her own family — to get things done. Another assistant works seven hours a week. When asked why disability insurance did not cover the absent employee’s salary, Tarara told the committee that the employee has more than 800 hours of sick time from 33 years on the job, so her salary remains on the payroll. In a later interview, Tarara said the committee directed her to work with the town accountant to secure funds to bring the seven-hour employee up to 35 hours until June 30, the end of this fiscal year. The cost is about $12,000, she said. For next fiscal year, she is seeking to hire an entry-level employee, she said.