Work on Country Way trail begins

Just weeks after Town Meeting approved the first part of a project to construct a walking trail along Country Way, work has begun. Engineers have been out surveying the property to help design a sidewalk. “We figure out what the width of the roadway is, where the poles are, signs in the way, drainage crossing, and we figure out the most advantageous way to build the sidewalk,” said Town Engineer Kevin Cafferty. The $750,000 project, which will bring a trail along Country Way from First Parish Road to Greenbush Village, is to occur in two phases. “The intention is to create the multi-use trail from that intersection where Ronnie Shone is, the Gates [Middle] school, the church, create a sidewalk all the way there to Greenbush where people take the train,” said Lisa Fenton, chair of Scituate Community Preservation Committee.