Letter on rising sea levels in Scituate

Your article “Retreat from a rising sea?” (Globe South, May 12) gave us a good look at how Scituate is wrestling with ways to respond to the threats that climate change’s rising seas present to the community.

Sadly, the estimates they are working with only consider up to 6 feet of sea-level rise this century. Whereas James Hansen, the nation’s leading climate scientist, worries that the sea levels could rise 15 to 20 feet by 2100 if we stay on our current course of greenhouse gas emissions.

The residents of Scituate cannot solve this problem with new sea walls. They need to be fighting climate change by supporting a national carbon pollution tax that will move the nation to reduce emissions (the second-highest in the world), and also inspire the rest of the world to follow suit.

Judy Weiss


Citizens Climate Lobby