Baby’s rush delivery

A Marshfield mother gave birth not only before she reached the hospital, but before she had left the garage. Jennifer Fielding and her husband were getting ready to leave for the hospital at about 8:30 p.m. on June 7, but by the time she reached their Honda Pilot, she was well into labor, she said in an interview. Her husband, Dave Fielding, called 911. Rain and flooding delayed the arrival of paramedics, who took about six minutes to arrive, Fire Chief Kevin Robinson said. Over the phone, firefighter and paramedic Ronald Allard talked the father through the labor, and shortly before paramedics arrived, the couple’s third child, Isaac Ronald Fielding, was born healthy in the SUV’s passenger seat. The couple chose Ronald as the middle name to honor Jennifer Fielding’s grandfather, but she said the name now has a “kind of cool” double meaning because it is also the name of the paramedic who played such a key role.