East Bridgewater

Connors responds to ethics panel

Selectmen chairman Brian Connors responded Monday to a “letter of education” from the state Ethics Commission, saying that he was unaware of both the commission and conflict-of-interest laws during the time in question. From 2008 to 2011, Connors was an unpaid special police officer while his security firm did about $400,000 in security-related business with the East Bridgewater Police Department. In its letter, the commission said the contracts with the security company violated state conflict-of-interest laws, but it didn’t impose any fines or other sanctions. Connors asked to talk about the situation at Monday’s selectmen’s meeting and said, “I didn’t know at the time we even had an ethics department in this state, never mind a disclosure form.” Connors admitted he made an error, but said he didn’t improperly profit from it, and that it would not happen again.