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    Letter: Balance must be struck between interests of plovers and people

    In response to remarks made at the Duxbury selectmen’s meeting, as presented in the article “Birds vs. beachgoers,” in the June 16 Globe South, regarding the closure of the beach to SUVs, I agree that a balance between the interests of the plovers and the residents must be struck.

    There is understandable resentment among Duxbury residents and visitors that a preferred choice of summer entertainment is currently closed to them. The entitlement to drive their SUVs onto the beach is taken away. Plan B for summer fun has to go into effect because some lousy birds, in ever-dwindling numbers, are trying merely to survive.

    There are some small colonies (birds, not people) struggling to survive in adjacent towns; let the adjacent towns worry about them. Let the plovers work out their own Plan B for survival. It’s just unfortunate that they cannot reason about and select appropriate alternatives the way we can!


    Lisa Foley,

    Lisa Foley