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    Pie company leaves farmers market

    Ever So Humble Pie Co. has left the Braintree Farmers Market, citing concerns over the market’s acceptance of payments made with government assistance benefits. On the company’s website, the company alleges that farmers market organizers have mandated that all vendors allow shoppers to use Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program benefits cards to purchase food. “It has always been our position that the American taxpayers should not be footing the bill for other people’s pie purchases,” the website states. “Furthermore, we maintain that Sustainable Braintree has no authority whatsoever to dictate to any independent business what forms of payment they must accept, nor do they have the right to FORCE businesses to take taxpayer money.” Donna Ingemanson, manager of the Braintree Farmers Market, said the allegations simply aren’t true. “We said [owner Andrea Taber] didn’t have to take EBT [electronic benefits transfer cards] because she was grandfathered in,” Ingemanson said. “We did want her to take Market Moola to make it consistent with other vendors, who take them. But she wanted cash sales only, so she went in another direction.” Market Moola coins can be purchased with credit, debit, or EBT cards. Ingemanson noted that the market consistently tried to work things out with Taber to no avail, and has helped the pie company establish a business locally. Other vendors have stepped up to fill the void, Ingemanson said. “It effects farmers and small business people when we get negative connotations about the market,” Ingemanson said. “We’re not political at all, and we don’t determine what you can and cannot purchase with EBT.”