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    How to play disc golf

    Some basic rules:

    Play begins at each hole with players taking turns throwing/driving from the designated teeing area.

    The next throw/drive resumes from the location where the thrown disc landed (as with golf). Players again take turns throwing/driving down the course (generally with the person farthest away from the basket going first, and so on).


    To “hole out,” or land a disc in the basket at the end of each hole, players take turns throwing, or essentially “putting,” again from the spot where their disc last landed. The thrown disc must come to rest supported by the chains and/or the inner cylinder of the basket tray to be considered valid.

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    As with golf, each hole has a “par,” and the goal of players is to meet or exceed that. The fewer throws, the better.

    Courses are generally 9 or 18 holes.

    SOURCE: Professional Disc Golf Association