School to add 7th and 8th grades

Notre Dame Academy in Hingham will add two additional grades over the next few years. When the school moved to Hingham in 1965, “the school population included both a seventh and eighth grade,” said Sister Barbara Barry, president of the academy. “In many ways, this strategic initiative brings us back to the essence of who we are as a school sponsored by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur.” The size of each class will shift; however, overall enrollment is expected to stay at around 600 students. According to school officials, the academy will continue to accept applications for the ninth grade as well as transfers. Recruitment for seventh-graders will begin this fall. “We’re very excited to have students for six years,” said Katie Miller, director of communications. “We know in seventh and eighth grade we can educate them on some of the basics and really start with a high school curriculum right in ninth.”