Veterans services district in Mansfield disbands

As the short-lived Crossroads Veterans Services District shuts down, selectmen expect to add Heath Hobson back as a town employee so he can continue serving veterans and their families. “We’re interviewing him as a formality. Now that we are no longer part of the district we need to name a veterans agent,” said Selectman Olivier Kowzlowski. The veterans district, which was designed to save money and provide better service through regionalizing resources, disbanded Sunday about 18 months after it was established. Easton and then Mansfield pulled out of the district after a dispute arose over the focus, structure, and level of autonomy the district would have, Kowzlowski said. The remaining two towns — Foxborough and Norton — could not continue because they do not meet the state requirement that they share a geographic border. Kowzlowski said the town had a tight timeline for deciding whether to stay in the district and said it was “unfortunate” that the effort didn’t succeed. Hobson, a veteran who was injured in the Iraq war, currently serves roughly 200 veterans in town as part of the district.