‘Inspired’ arrest

A 1 a.m. call to police on July 2 for a disturbance in Milton led to an arrest and charges of malicious destruction of property and disturbing the peace. The call came from Capen Street, where neighbors complained of a woman making noise on the front lawn of a home whose owners were on vacation. Police found Arina Rankins, 25, of Boston yelling loudly, said Deputy Police Chief John King. When asked what she was doing, Rankins told officers, “I’m here to inspire and be inspired,” King said. She repeated the phrase when asked again. Police found a vehicle parked in the driveway with two flat tires and scratched with the words “price $550 love” on the side. When police asked Rankins about the damage, she responded, “I have a knife,” according to King. He added that a neighbor did not see her damage the car but did see her crouched in front of it.