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    West Bridgewater

    West Bridgewater police to resume crackdown on texting

    West Bridgewater police say they expect to continue their crackdown on texting while driving this month. The department has held three crackdowns along Route 106 this year, netting 109 of the 113 citations local officers have issued. The infraction carries a $100 fine for first-time offenders, with a 60-day license suspension for those under age 18. “We are trying to schedule one every other month,” Lieutenant Victor Flaherty said of the crackdowns. In a three-hour session in June, 68 drivers were pulled over on suspicion of texting while driving and 35 were cited. Some were making calls or using a GPS, which are allowed under the state law; banned activities include checking e-mail, using a Web browser, and checking social media accounts, in addition to texting.