Wareham Housing Authority under review

The state rcently informed the Wareham Housing Authority of “several areas of concern” that needed to be addressed. In an Aug. 1 letter, Lizbeth Heyer, associate director for the state’s division of public housing and rental assistance, said the housing authority had not submitted its operating budget for fiscal 2013; several board meetings weren’t held due to lack of a quorum; there were insufficient controls for various financial accounts; the authority’s management plan was incomplete or out of date; its tenant-selection process violates department regulations; and annual unit inspections were not being performed. “There is nothing there that we didn’t know about,” said Robert A. Powilatis, the new chairman of the housing authority. “We’ll be working on remedying those and all of the other situations that we uncover as time goes on.” Powilatis has been critical of the authority’s management and advocating for reform since he was elected to the agency in April. The authority is awaiting the state agency’s final report.