Acting town manager says he’ll hire police chief

Acting Town Manager Michael Milanoski has told selectmen that he plans to offer the police chief position to acting Police Chief William Quigley — despite the board’s several votes to postpone taking action on the job. Quigley has been with the Cohasset police since 1995 and acting chief for 16 months, moving up when the former chief was suspended and ultimately let go. “Bill Quigley has proven himself time and time again,” Milanoski said in a letter to selectmen. “Not only does he know the community very well and have good relations throughout the town, he is a known quantity that is respected by his peers for his professionalism, honesty, and integrity.” Milanoski said he planned to discuss the decision with selectmen before making the appointment this month. Selectmen chairman Fred Koed said town rules gave the board the right to reject the appointment. “We’ve gone from halting two searches to, now, no search and an appointment. I’m a little baffled by that,” Koed said. “Some selectmen are feeling boxed in, which is not a good feeling.”