Town drops its K9 program

Schultz, the town’s police dog, is for sale. That’s because Police Chief Richard Billings decided last month to suspend the town’s K9 program when the only officer trained to work with a dog asked to be relieved of the duty because of family obligations. Hull started a K9 program in 2005 with Bac, another shepherd who is now retired and living with former canine officer Jon Mahoney. Schultz came to Hull as a puppy in October 2011, at a cost of $6,700, according to town accountant Marcia Bohinc. The canine program is funded through donations, she said. The account has a balance of about $2,000, and about half came from a single donor who has asked to be reimbursed, she said. She said other donors will be given the choice of getting a refund or transferring their gift to another town account.