School for sale

As Quincy school officials prep students and staff to make the move into a new Central Middle School on Oct. 21, city officials are getting ready to sell the old building. “After the students move out, the city has no capability, really, to reuse it,” said Christopher Walker, spokesman for Mayor Thomas Koch. “Renovation costs — it’s not something that would be worth pursuing. It’s the mayor’s belief that most likely it’s a fairly valuable piece of property.” The building was absent from assessor records, but according to the city’s Geographic Information System, the 1.96 acres of land and building are valued at upward of $12.7 million. Walker said that most likely that number is inflated. “I think it’s fair to say the sale price is probably closer to the land value than what’s assessed,” he said. The land is valued at approximately $887,000. Superintendent Richard DeCristofaro said school officials would have to transfer the land to the city. Once that occurs, Walker said the City Council would have to vote to put the building up for sale. Walker said the building would then go to the highest bidder. “But any reuse would have to fit within the city’s zoning code,” Walker said.