Tax split discussion continued

A discussion over whether to charge residential homeowners and commercial businesses different tax rates has been pushed to Oct. 22 as members of the Tax Classification Review Committee explore further options. During a meeting on Oct. 1, the group discussed the possibility of charging commercial businesses more in property taxes to provide some relief to homeowners. Yet 89 percent of the town’s tax base lies with the residents, and for every $1 in relief given to homeowners, the commercial tax rate would have to rise $10. “The question then becomes why would you move it, why would you make a change, and what’s the impact,” said Hingham Selectman Bruce Rabuffo, who attended the discussion. Peter Forman, president of the South Shore Chamber of Commerce, spoke against a change at the meeting, warning officials that a change in the tax rate could limit incoming businesses. “You could drive future business away, and given what we’re trying to do in South Hingham, it may make sense to leave [things] as is,” Rabuffo said. Board members said they would continue to explore the options and would analyze potential impacts of a tax shift in preparation for their next meeting.