Arts Council to give out $5,400 this year

A grant to the Historical Society of Old Abington for folders to help preserve 1,200 issues of “The Liberator,” William Lloyd Garrison’s anti-slavery newspaper dating back to 1833, was among the endeavors supported by Abington Cultural Arts Council last year. This year the council received $5,400 from the state, more than last year’s $4,540, but there is no matching money from the town — last year the town contributed $2,270 — so there will be slightly less given out overall. Applications for grants this year are due Tuesday and may be sent to the town offices care of the Arts Council. Application forms are available at Last year’s grants also supported a three-panel mosaic permanently installed in the Town Hall in celebration of the Tricentennial. Under the direction of Sally Dean Mello, the members spent three months constructing the panels, each of which displays an industry or a place that has defined the area.