Letter: Bad attitude is bigger issue

Richard Walsh, a MassPort spokesman, is at best misinformed, or at worst spinning the details, of the incident that happened to me when I called the MassPort Noise Complaint Line early on Oct. 6. (“Noise complaint gets MassPort cold shoulder,” Globe South, Oct. 13)

Mr. Walsh states there was an emergency at Logan at the time of my call. That may or may not be true. What is true is that the person I talked to on that Sunday morning in the operations office of MassPort was laughing when he told his fellow employees to tell anyone who called the Noise Complaint Line there was a “security emergency” and then put them on hold and don’t get back to them.

This person laughing at a “security emergency” in this age of terrorism is a far more serious problem at MassPort than airplane noise.


Spin that as you wish, Mr. Walsh, but your report of this incident is hearsay. What I heard and reported was firsthand and accurate.

Paul Yovino