School merger question to see ballot vote

Quincy residents will get their say on whether to merge Quincy High and North Quincy High schools, but response at the Nov. 5 election may come more as a whisper than a yell. Turnout is expected to be low for the vote, which is advisory but not binding on Quincy officials. “It depends on who comes out and who even bothers to vote for that ballot question,” said Paul Bregoli, a School Committee member who has been the driving force behind the question. Bregoli still sees the merits of a merger, and said it could create a stronger sense of community, reduce class sizes, and expand resources for all students. “If it does pass, at least hopefully it will get a discussion started, and that’s the whole idea behind it,” Bregoli said. For other school officials, however, the topic is no longer pressing. According to Superintendent Rick DeCristofaro, enrollment has evened out between both schools since the opening of a new Quincy High. “It’s not nearly as significant an issue as it was back in 2008/2009/2010,” he said.