Letter: Stop whining, Braintree resident urges

Recent articles and letters noted the trauma that Milton and Canton are enduring with air traffic noise. It is no doubt difficult for well-to-do communities to be asked to share in the impacts from the many benefits of living in an urban/suburban area. Not only do we have an airport within a short distance, but life is much more enjoyable with dependable electricity, gas, trash pickup, and other services.

A 2001 study titled “Unequal Exposure to Ecological Hazards — Environmental Injustices in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts” by two Northeastern University professors said in effect that the communities that now bear society’s negative impacts will continue to do so. They base these conclusions on the fact that these communities have neither the money, nor the political power, to change things.

My own Fore River community has a regional gas/oil depot, two power plants and transmission lines, a large regional MWRA sewage pump station, a sludge pelletizing plant, and a hazardous waste transfer station. Many times when the planes are not flying over Milton or Canton, they are flying over my house.


Milton, Canton, and other well-to-do communities should stop whining, and start contributing to the well being of the region.

Michael J. Lang