Liquor license request goes to the state

Milton officials will send a request for another liquor license to the state after receiving approval at Town Meeting Tuesday night. Unlike other towns, which have a certain number of pouring licenses based on population, Milton has elected to go through the Legislature to receive each liquor license, which is restricted to the original premise for which it was approved. “It can’t be transferred to a successor in interest without the selectmen’s approval all over again, but they wouldn’t have to go back to the Legislature to reissue it at that site,” said State Senator Brian Joyce. The liquor license being sought now would be for a restaurant at 534 Adams St., to be owned by Walter Chan. Joyce also cautioned the town against bringing in many more liquor establishments. “At some point, too much of a good thing is no longer a good thing,” Joyce said. “I’d suggest politely, I had nothing to do with the current petitioner, we ought to think about slowing down.”