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Students get lessons in distracted driving

As part of a statewide campaign, Norwood High School students explored a 36-foot-long, yellow mobile classroom outfitted with high-tech simulators aimed at teaching new drivers the dangers of texting while driving and other hazardous practices. “The kids are doing a great job. They are getting all sorts of information on how many things they do while driving,” Tara Noyes, department chair for health and physical education for Norwood grades 6-12, said in an interview. In one exercise, she said, students bring their cellphones and read a text while driving, which typically leads to bad virtual results. Noyes said that about 100 students who have their permits or licenses will take part in the weeklong program, called Distractology 101 — A Crash Course in Distracted Driving. The program was developed by the Arbella Insurance Foundation and brought to the school with the Morrill Insurance Group.