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Westwood student speaks Latin during meeting with Pope Francis

<b>MEETING OF A LIFETIME —</b> Sam Hornstein, a junior at Westwood High, studied especially hard in advance of his meeting Pope Francis during a trip to Rome. Hornstein Family/Hornstein family

Sam Hornstein’s conversation with Pope Francis:

Sam: “Sanctitas, te convenire honor est mihi.” (Your Holiness, it is an honor to meet you.)

Pope: “Ah . . . Salve, mi fili . . . non Anglice loqueris.” (Hello, my son, you’re not speaking in English.)

Sam: “Minime, Sanctitas, sed possum Latine loqui.” (No, Holiness, but I can speak in Latin.)

Pope: “Optime, quid tibi est? (Wonderful, what do you have?)

Sam: “Camisiam tibi habeo.” (I have a T-shirt for you.)

Pope: “Mihi?” (For me?)

Sam: “Sic, tibi.” (Yes, for you.)

Pope: “For blessing?”

Sam: “Minime, tibi.” (No, for you.)

Pope: “Ah . . . plurimas gratias ago, mi fili.” (Thank you very much, my son.)


SOURCE: Edward Zarrow