SouthField investors push legislation

Two of the largest building investors at the SouthField development on the former South Weymouth Naval Air Station have sent a letter to the Rockland Board of Selectmen, saying “the private investment community has really done about all that it can” at SouthField, and is still waiting for the public obligations to be satisfied. Starwood Land Ventures, the developer behind the SouthField residential and commercial project, has proposed legislation that would dilute the power of the South Shore Tri-Town Development Corp., a group of representatives from Rockland, Weymouth, and Abington responsible for public management, planning, and permitting of the land. Starwood representatives say Tri-Town has blocked further development at SouthField, and that it hasn’t done anything to bring water and sewer services to the development. In the letter sent to officials at all three towns, Joyce Haglund, the executive director of Eventide, and James Seale Jr., the president of Rogerson Communities, said that the legislation proposed by Starwood “represents the most sensible and realistic approach that is in the best interest of the three communities, the Commonwealth, SouthField residents, and SouthField investment stakeholders.”