Town adopts quarterly water bills

Starting in mid-March, town water users will get their bills quarterly instead of twice a year, which officials said should improve cash flow and make things easier for customers by allowing them to spread out payments. “People have been asking for this for a long time and we’ve been slowly working toward it,” said Town Administrator Paul Dawson in a phone interview. “It became easier after we converted to radio-based water meters a few years ago, which allows us to read meters much more quickly.” Before, customers either had to let meter readers into their homes and, if they weren’t home, fill out their own meter cards to mail to Town Hall, which would often lead to weeks-long delays in getting information, he said. The town’s water rate remains unchanged, he said, which is $38 per 1,000 cubic feet up to 2,500 cubic feet; $86 per 1,000 cubic feet up to 5,000 cubic feet; and $124 per 1,000 cubic feet beyond that.