Town Democrats needed for caucus

Attendance at the Rochester Democratic Caucus has been sparse in recent years, said Caroline St. Don, a member of the Rochester Democratic Committee with her husband, Carol. At last year’s caucus, she said they were the only Democrats in town who attended. “We’d certainly like to have more show up, but for some reason we don’t usually have a big turnout,” she said in a phone interview. The Rochester caucus will be held Saturday at the Rochester Town Hall, with registration starting at 9 a.m., the purpose of which is to elect delegates to the Democratic State Convention in Worcester, scheduled for June 13 and 14. “We’re allowed three delegates at the state convention,” she said. “If it’s a big election, we generally get three, but if it’s small, we have two.” She said the town’s Republican and Democrat base is “roughly half and half,” and in recent years, “some Democrats have moved away or passed away, but we’d love to have more attend the caucus.” For information, call St. Don at 508-763-2795.