Green energy group gets grant

Quincy Climate Action Network, a two-year-old group promoting renewable energy, has been given a $2,000 grant by the New England Grassroots Environmental Fund to help the organization grow. According to network secretary David Reich, the 18-member group will use the money for brochures, publicity materials, bumper stickers, and as seed money for a fund-raiser later this year. “We’re slowly growing, and one of our big plans is to continue to grow,” Reich said in a phone interview. “Having events will help us get a bit more attention. We’re an ambitious group, we have a lot of work to do, and we need people to help us do it.” The group has already held 10 public forums on home energy use and worked with the city to hire a new energy manager to reduce the city’s energy usage. Its thrust, said Reich, is “cutting back on energy use and increasing the use of renewable energy and production in Quincy . . . on city property and hopefully on private property.”