Students seek more time to practice driving

Students from three towns went to Beacon Hill to support a bill to give young people more time practicing behind the wheel before getting a driver’s license. Nick Waltz of Duxbury and Bonnie Pajic of Pembroke testified before the Transportation Committee on Feb. 12. Tyler Kindy and Patrick O’Connor, both from Hanson, were also on hand for the hearing of the bill written and filed by the students, with the help of state Representative Josh Cutler, who represents the towns. Cutler said in an interview that he encouraged students to draft a bill as part of a student legislative summer program he ran out of his office. “I wanted the kids to come up with an idea,” he said. The bill, House Bill No. 3755, would lower the age that students could receive a permit to allow for more time and more experience driving in all seasons and all types of weather, Cutler said. Another student involved with writing the bill was Matthew Paru of Hanson.