Town water quality improves

Town residents have received a newsletter updating them on the town’s water quality. Last summer, many residents in the north section of town complained that high levels of manganese produced a discolored, pungent tap water that turned clothes and plumbing fixtures orange. State and federal guidelines recommend that drinking water contain fewer than 300 parts per billion of manganese. In July, Hanover’s Water Department took 11 samples of consumer tap water and found the average concentration of manganese was 356 ppb. Now, according to the report, the average manganese concentration is down to 43 ppb. At a recent selectmen’s meeting, Town Manager Troy Clarkson said the water quality newsletter had been “thus far well received . . . We continue to work hard to fulfill [the Board of Selectmen’s] goal of outreach to citizens of the community,” he said. “We worked with the Water Department and Conservation [Department] to provide information on that water.”