Letter to the editor

Letter: Cyclists should be licensed and taxed

Boston Globe file

On June 22, Peter DeMarco wrote about “tweaking” traffic laws covering cyclists. Just tweaking? If we are going to encourage more use of this mode of transportation, then we need to treat it as exactly that: transportation using public ways.

Bicycles should be licensed — after the owner shows familiarity with the rules of the road and then be required to follow those rules. Enforcement should not be optional. Bike lanes need annual maintenance. Cyclists should be taxed to pay for this, as well as increased enforcement costs.

The hand-wringing and dithering about bike rules and enforcement completely mystifies me. If a pedestrian is hit by a bike in a crosswalk, it can do just as much harm as by a car. Why are we not addressing this growing public safety issue in a responsible way?


Dorrie Kehoe