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Young Plymouth filmmaker not going through the motions

Ryan Walters
Ryan Walters

Ryan Walters, 24, of Plymouth, has a bachelor’s degree in social work from Nyack College, where he’ll return to get his master’s.

He sees his life’s work as helping others. He didn’t see it becoming a filmmaker.

But he has, on a small level, creating “Going Through the Motions,” a six-minute film with a Christian slant befitting his beliefs, but one that applies to anyone regardless of their faith, he said.

“Though it’s for a Christian audience as a wake-up call, I want someone not religious to see it and maybe look at” his or her own life, Walters said of his film, which asks people to question the motives of what they do daily. “It’s a look at everyone’s routine, what they cherish, what they put their hopes in.”


He had no experience in filmmaking but saw the ease of putting something on YouTube for the masses. He enlisted the help of friend Matt Johnson and created his first film with the theme of “lukewarm Christianity,” Walters said, on “people going to church for the sake of going to church.”

He then came up with “Going Through the Motions” as a harder-hitting piece. “It felt like God put something in my heart to challenge people,” he said.

The film earned entry to various popular Christian events, including the Glory Reelz Christian Film Festival in Detroit, the Kingdomwood Christian Film Festival in Georgia, the Grace Film Festival in San Francisco, and the fourth annual UK Christian Film Festival in London. It can be seen at www.throughthemotions.com and on YouTube.

The film starts in a support-group setting and cuts away to people in daily routines, including a young man at a coffee shop sitting down with his computer.

Walters has other films in mind but for now is happy with the reception this one has gotten, with its questions of “who am I, what is my purpose, my meaning, and what do I worship,” he said. “So in the end, we’re not going through the motions.”


Paul E. Kandarian can be reached at pkandarian@aol.com.