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Norwood selectmen not opposed to marijuana dispensary bid

Norwood selectmen aren't opposed to at least one company's bid to locate a medical marijuana dispensary in town. Selectman William Plasko said the board gave its unanimous support on Tuesday, Aug. 4, for a letter of nonopposition to ARL Healthcare Inc., which is seeking a license from the state to open a dispensary on University Avenue. Plasko said board members were less impressed with Massachusetts Patient Foundation Inc., another firm seeking the town's blessing, and declined to provide it with a letter. The selectmen also stopped short of saying they supported ARL's proposal. Town leaders had supported two applications in the past, but neither were chosen by the state. The state received more than 50 applications last month by companies seeking to open dispensaries in the state, including three from ARL. Showing support, or at least a lack of opposition, from the host community is part of the application process. Plasko said a company would still have to go before local zoning authorities for permits if it receives state authorization.