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Stoughton company offers programs to help your employees bond

David Goldstein at TeamBonding’s Stoughton facility with the focus of one project — assembling bikes for charity.
David Goldstein at TeamBonding’s Stoughton facility with the focus of one project — assembling bikes for charity.George Rizer for the Boston Globe

TeamBonding has offered businesses unusual team-building programs since 1999, including creating ice sculptures, solving corporate crime CSI style, and holding high-tech scavenger hunts. The company has a staff of 12 at its Stoughton headquarters, but operates nationally and internationally using event facilitators across the globe. Sharon resident David Goldstein, 54, is the founder and CEO of TeamBonding, recently named — for the fifth time — to the Inc. 500|5000 list of the country’s fastest-growing private companies. We talked to Goldstein for this story.

Q. What does TeamBonding do?

A. We offer 80 to 90 programs for companies to motivate, build morale, and keep employees working, playing, and learning together. And have some serious fun. Companies can check out what we have at www.teambonding.com, and call our account managers, who suggest options and customize. We recently did ice building at Boston Garden, which was literally cool. We also run events for companies wanting to give to the community by, say, building bikes for kids or putting together military care packages. It’s a nice selection of things that match the needs of the client.

Q. How much does it cost?


A. It starts around $2,000, depending on the program. And we just started a new program, YoYo, a do-it-yourself online option where we packaged programs we think are a good general fit in Boston, a Chinese menu of sorts. One is at the Frost Ice Bar in Faneuil [Hall], another is an Italian murder mystery at Maggiano’s. YoYo makes it easier, a one-stop shop, and that starts at $25 a person.

Q. How many events do you do in a year, and how far away?

A. About 800 or so, all over the country, coast to coast, and we’ve done them in Australia, Japan, and Singapore.

Q. Has growth been pretty steady?


A. Yes, for the most part, and over the last three years we’ve seen a 48 percent growth rate as companies continue to realize the bottom-line benefits of team building through unique events.

Q. How have events changed over the last 16 years?

A. We used to do scavenger hunts with Polaroids, and now use smartphones. Cooking shows have been popular for years, and we do cooking events, survivor-type events, things like that. That’s what excites me about this business, seeing the potential and the trends, and we morph to keep up to them.

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