Hull’s Georgia Bourikas making a healthy return for Suffolk basketball

Suffolk University

Hull’s Georgia Bourikas netted a season-high 21 points against Curry on Jan. 12.

By John Johnson Globe Correspondent 

Georgia Bourikas feels she is returning to form on the court at Suffolk University after knee surgery kept her on the sideline last season as a sophomore. The 5-foot-8 junior guard from Hull tore the anterior cruciate ligament in her left knee 10 days before the start of practice.

The 2013 graduate of Fontbonne Academy in Milton has slowly regained her touch, evidenced by a 16-point effort in a 78-61 victory over Worcester State on Jan. 4, when she added seven rebounds and six assists in 22 minutes off the bench. On the 12th, she netted a season-high 21 points, along with seven rebounds, in an 82-73 loss to Curry.


Bourikas, a fine arts major, is averaging just under 10 points a game, along with 4.7 rebounds, as the first player off the bench for the Rams (9-6). She has two years of eligibility remaining after this season.

Q. How is your knee holding up?

A. It’s really good now. It’s holding up better than I expected, which is great. I haven’t had any problems, although it’s hard to adjust to wearing a knee brace.

Q. How difficult was it to miss an entire season?

A. I had never experienced that. It was the most painful thing ever just to sit and watch my teammates play and not be able to help them on the court.

Q. How difficult was the rehab process?

A. It was awful. It was really brutal. For the first eight weeks I still didn’t have full extension and they would push and push on knee cap. It was agonizing.

Q. Do you feel your game is back to where it was before the injury?

A. The Worcester State game was one of the first games where I started to feel like myself again on the court. That and the Curry game. Those games I think were a turning point for me. It’s a good feeling

Q. What is your primary asset on the court?


A. I’d say probably 3-point shooting. Although I do love to pass on the break. It’s a skill, but it’s also my downfall because sometimes I try to make the real fancy pass and it can backfire on me. But I constantly practice shooting threes and I shoot them from anywhere. It’s catch it and jack wherever I am.

Q. Any pre-game rituals?

A. I usually go to Subway and get the same sandwich every time. I get a regular Italian bread six inch turkey and American cheese sub not toasted, with lettuce, tomato, banana peppers and mayo. It’s the same thing every time. Then I go get stim for my back and do a lot of stretching.

Q. What do you like to do for fun?

A. I like to draw and paint. I spend a lot of time in the studio at the art school doing my own artwork. Last year I did a lot of abstract painting. This year it’s more print making. It’s a lot of fun. Right now all my stuff is up on display in the fine arts hallway. Anyone can walk in and see all the work from the juniors and seniors so it’s pretty cool. And when you walk around my house (in Hull), it’s everywhere.

Q. Do you have a favorite NBA player?

A. I like Steph Curry. I think he’s unbeliveble. He has great composure, which is one thing I admire about him. He might score 30 or 40 points but he’s not a selfish player. His ball handling skills are incredible and he works together with his teammates well which is why they are so successful.

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