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Hull rejects artificial turf field again

Voters in Hull rejected a tax-limit override plan to spend millions of dollars on capital improvements -- including a $1.9 million artificial turf field at the high school and repairs to more than half the roads in town -- that initially would have cost the average homeowner about $200 a year.

Voters in the May 10 election also turned out incumbent Selectman John Brannan, retained incumbent John Reilly, and voted in Jennifer Constable, the chairwoman of the Planning Board.

Town Moderator Michael Nuesse was replaced by former selectman John Silva.

Acting town clerk Lori West beat Pamela Sinton Coffman in the race for town clerk.


School Committee member David Twombly was reelected in a close four-way race, and will be joined by Jennifer Takacs Fleming.

The override proposal failed 1,717 to 1,481, according to the town clerk’s office. It would have allowed the town to use the money from bonds used to renovate the Jacobs Elementary and Memorial Middle schools on other capital projects over the next 17 years. The plan called for $5.3 million in the next five years going to road repairs, playground improvements, emergency seawall repairs, and the turf field.

The turf field has been a contentious subject since fall of 2015, when Town Meeting first rejected the proposal -- and then approved it after midnight in a reconsideration vote. A move to reverse that approval failed at the May 2016 Town Meeting.

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