In Milford, big bang theory disproved

Every day, police officers respond to reports of all sorts of events and non-events, most of which never make the news. Here is a sampling of lesser-known — but no less noteworthy — incidents from police log books (a.k.a. blotters) in our suburbs.

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Can a bug zapper produce the sound of fireworks? One Milford resident seems to think so.


Just before 9 p.m. June 10, a Milford resident called police to complain about fireworks going off near a house on North Pond Terrace. An officer responded and found the source of the big noise — a bug zapper. Which leads us to wonder just how numerous — and big — the bugs get in that neck of the woods.


At 8:20 a.m. June 11, a Melrose woman called police to report that her husband had just found someone sleeping on the couple’s couch. Officers arrived at the home and roused the sleepy fellow, who admitted he’d gone out on the town in Boston the night before and had no memory of how he ended up on the sofa. Police checked him for warrants, found he wasn’t in need of medical attention, and — fortunately for him — the couple chose not to pursue charges. He was soon on his way via Uber.


Did your parents ever tell you that if a bargain seems too good to be true, it may be just that? A woman in Bridgewater learned this lesson the hard way recently. On May 24 she walked into the police station and told an officer that she’d ordered 33 pallets of alcoholic beverages and energy drinks online, but never received delivery and was now $24,000 poorer. She showed the officer some of the e-mails that she’d received while making the “purchases,” and they showed that the transactions traced to the Netherlands and Nairobi, Kenya. Police referred her to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center.



At 3:05 p.m. May 25, Marblehead police received a call from a man who said he “was trying to find a girlfriend online and ended up sending $700 via Western Union to Nigeria.” He told police he’d contacted the state attorney general’s office and was told to file a police report.


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At around 2:15 a.m. May 29, a Newburyport woman thought she heard the sounds of a prowler on her roof. Her ears were not deceiving her: When she took a look out on her second-florr porch, she told police, she saw a man leaning down from the roof trying to snatch a wind chime She grabbed it before he could complete the theft, she continued. An officer dispatched to the scene stepped onto the porch and found the suspect, a 24-year-old Haverhill man who appeared to the officer to be apparently intoxicated, sitting on the roof. He waas told to get down from the roof and was promptly arrested and charged with trespassing and disturbing the peace.


At 8:19 p.m. June 9, Northborough police received a report of a beaver rambling along the sidewalk on Crawford Street. The creature was still there when officers arrrived, to escort it back to the woods from whence it came.


At 11:47 a.m. May 30, someone called Milford police to report spotting a man in a blue Subaru Legacy “who appears to be intoxicated and slumped over the steering wheel.” An officer was dispatched and found the guy in the Subaru, all right, who was perfectly OK and performing a very 21st-century task: texting on his mobile phone.

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