Peg Doyle is a nationally certified holistic nutrition coach who in 1998 opened her own practice, Wellness and You, in Westwood, working with individuals and organizations to help people reduce stress, increase energy, and improve health through balanced nutrition and lifestyle. She is also a corporate wellness speaker whose clients include Fidelity Investments, Eversource, Harvard Medical School, Whole Foods, and Keldara Salon and Spa. We spoke to her for this story.

Q. What’s the main thrust of your business?

A. I’ve been helping women, mainly over 50, with their nutrition and lifestyle issues with a focus on lifelong wellness. I have a unique approach in that I don’t focus on the scale or weight; I focus on teaching them how to structure their lifestyle in a way that allows them to take good care of themselves with quality food and managing their stress.


Q. Why did you start this?

A. I went for training in shiatsu, acupressure, and other facets of Chinese medicine. I was in the technical field and was always interested in this sort of medicine that’s about good nutrition and stress management, rather than the Western approach of prescribing medications for everything. I realized we all have a capacity to heal; we’re part of a hologram of energy that supports our healing.

Q. Do we rely too much on medication?

A. I think so. I’m very passionate about this work because, after 50, most emphasis in the media and even in the doctor’s office is the expectation that health naturally declines and all sorts of medications are necessary. This creates a mindset that it’s normal to have aches and pains and medical problems, where I see over and over that if people have the right information and are willing to use it, they can stay very healthy throughout their lives. Getting this message out can not only save individuals pain, suffering, and expense but will help keep Medicare solvent.


Q. Any tips of what’s good for us to eat?

A. Cinnamon is thought to reduce cholesterol; I recommend a teaspoon a day in coffee or on oatmeal. Walnuts are good for that, too. Ginger is great for any kind of inflammation, and kidney beans are excellent for supporting kidney health and reducing belly fat. Turmeric is also a great anti-inflammatory, and garlic has great medicinal benefits as well.

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