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Town treating Whitman’s Pond with herbicide

Fanwort, an invasive weed that grows in parts of Whitman's Pond in Weymouth.Globe File 2013

The town of Weymouth is applying an herbicide to the West Cove of Whitman’s Pond in an effort to control invasive weeds growing there.

For 90 days following the initial application of the aquatic herbicide Sonar, which has an active ingredient called fluridone, residents will not be able to use the pond water for irrigation, according to a press release posted on the town website.

There will be no other water-use restrictions, and swimming, boating, and fishing can continue, the release said.

The shoreline along West Cove will be posted prior to all herbicide treatments, the release said.

An approximately 200-acre body of water with an average depth of 8 feet, Whitman’s Pond has been plagued by weeds for years -- particularly the invasive species of fanwort and milfoil.


In the past, the town has treated the pond’s weed-infested West Cove with herbicide and has machine-harvested weeds elsewhere.

Whitman’s Pond is used primarily for recreation and as a herring spawning ground.

Johanna Seltz can be reached seltzjohanna@gmail.com.