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He’s a lawyer, and a psychic, too

Steven F. Macek says he does more work as a psychic than as a lawyer now.Handout

Steven F. Macek of Norton is a lawyer doing mostly probate work, some in juvenile court. He grew up in Providence, and always wanted to be an attorney out of a desire to help people.

“My mother went to a psychic when I was little who told her I’d be a lawyer,” said Macek, 44, adding with a laugh: “And now I’m a psychic, too.”

Macek, a certified “past lives reader” through Imagine Spirit Intuitive Arts Institute in Arizona, now sells more psychic work than legal, doing both out of his Mansfield office. His website is www.steventhemedium.com.


“I do it more than law,” he said, doing private readings since 2013 and more recently bigger events before large groups. “It’s getting bigger and bigger.”

He doesn’t recall any great signs as a youth of psychic ability, aside from not wanting to go to the cemetery to visit his father’s grave; Macek’s dad died when he was 8.

“When I was 17 or so, my mother and brother would get upset when I didn’t want to go,” he said. “There was something inside me; I knew I just didn’t have to. In hindsight, I guess I felt a connection already with my father.”

In 2010, Macek met a medium at a large venue who came up to him and told him: “You’re a medium and don’t know it.”

He was intrigued, but didn’t move on his feeling until two years later when his husband, Elix, signed him up for training. Macek said he embraced the process, training and “loving it so much, I wanted to learn more, do it better, so I could do readings.”

Word of mouth has generated much of his business, Macek said. “I’ll do a party, they’ll tell friends, and it goes from there.”


The satisfaction is “seeing the effect it has on people, whether they’re in grief or burdened somehow,” he said of his work. “Even to lessen that just a little by communicating with their deceased loved ones -- that’s the most satisfying thing for me.”

Paul E. Kandarian can be reached at pkandarian@aol.com.