Norwood OK’s 40B housing development

The Norwood Zoning Board of Appeals voted 3-2 to approve a 260-unit affordable-housing development off Upland Road called Forbes Hill, four years after it was submitted to officials.

“We got as good a deal as we could get,” said zoning board chairman Philip Riley in a phone interview Tuesday.

Riley, who voted Sept. 5 in the majority, said many people in town are not happy about another large Chapter 40B affordable-housing development, but he said the town was not likely to succeed in any further challenges and he didn’t think it made sense to toss “good money after bad.”


He said town officials did manage to reduce the numbers of units in the development from an originally proposed 300, get money for drainage, and a donation of nearly 10 acres of vacant land.

Forbes Hill will be located next to Upland Woods, a 262-unit housing complex located on former Polaroid property.

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