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    Globe South Commentary

    Was the Stoughton recall necessary?

    RE “Three Stoughton selectmen facing recall vote,” Sept. 29: What a mess! Communities with recall in their charters sometimes tear up their social fabric with such disputes. Former town manager Michael J. Hartman does not seem to have much of a case. A Board of Selectmen is not obligated to offer a new contract to a town manager or administrator when an existing contract expires.

    The essence of this dispute seems to be differing opinions about policy, since the Globe’s report does not suggest corruption. If that is the case, townspeople who value a healthy community will wait for the next election and work for a new candidate, rather than take out the muskets and Bowie knives.


    Not hearing that anti-immigrant talk

    RE “Sanctuary group offers rapid response to ICE raids,” Sept. 27: I do not hear any “anti-immigrant rhetoric.” However, I do hear a call for an end to illegal immigration and a call to fix our system. It is broken and we a have right to want our laws enforced. Is that so difficult to understand?


    In Mansfield, a real eye-opener


    RE “In Mansfield, a one-of-a-kind collection of black dolls,” Sept. 29: This wonderful story by Hattie Bernstein is an eye-opener for me and I’m sure many others. I’m 86 years old and don’t believe I ever saw a black doll. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if thousands of kids and yes, adults, visited The National Black Doll Museum in Mansfield? Many would be color blind when they left with a smile on their faces! A salute to Hattie and the museum.


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